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We are transparent, strategic, hard-hitting, results-driven, with a major soft spot – we truly care about our clients


01 - A talented mix

we assist many accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, Zoho Books, QuickBooks Online and Quickbook Business Cloud Accounting.


02 - Strategic visionaries

ODSI help in play essential roles in shaping QuickBooks Report' strategic vision and direction.


03 - We are transparent

Customer can watch our work on remote assistance and learn from it to solve small issues on quickbook & other accounting softwares.


Our Amazing People

We love help your with any accounting issues

ODSI offers comprehensive support services to assist for Quickbook users with various accounting needs. Whether you're encountering technical issues, require assistance with software setup, or need help understanding features, ODSI support is available to provide guidance and solutions. You can access support through various channels, including phone support, live chat, and online resources such as knowledge base articles and video tutorials. Additionally, ODSI often offers training sessions and webinars to help users maximize the capabilities of the software. Overall, ODSI support all accounting issue aims to ensure users have the resources and assistance they need to effectively manage their finances and streamline their accounting processes.